Desde Barcelona, Texturificando el mundo


The world visual and sensory stimuli are constant in my development.

The Texturificación® is personal painting technique that I created. I have always wanted to innovate and transmitting new visual sensations in which rephrase traditional pictorial genres. I convey her feelings and I feel fully identified. Textures, pigments and transparencies give my paintings a special three-dimensional look where the colors magically flow and where the temptation to touch them arises when no one sees you.

When I work in my mind everything flows with determination and enthusiasm, conveying pure creativity and arousing intense feelings in public. The fascinating thing in my work is that never finish to understand them because behind each of them a metaphoric and conceptual discourse that is what really gives meaning and value to my life accumulates.

"David Fàbregas"

Fàbregas has created a new technique, the Texturificación®

Fàbregas has created a new technique, the Texturificación®