Desde Barcelona, Texturificando el mundo


Please enjoy the selected works displayed below, new paintings are added frequency.

Los Angeles del Eden

12 apostles and Christ with his crown of thorns, a symbol of unbridled passion and effort, thereby representing the metaphysical moment where angels conquer the universe... 


A collection of art works created with infinite sensitivity and elegance to the delight of our senses.

Barcelona de Noche

By nightfall, Barcelona becomes a completely different scenario, in a magical world, full of illusions.

The brightness of the moon is reflected in the roof, the lights shine in buildings, vehicles, ships in port. Just missing the frenetic neon signs to join the mosaic of bright colors.

Given these synergies night, I let fly my inspiration. Unwittingly, it finally unveils a conflict between the real and the abstract, ultimately becomes incarnate in painting...


As Mediterranean artist, pays tribute to his beloved "Mare Nostrum" the source of his inspiration...

Collaboratión of Fabregas with Compasada jeweler

Limited series of jewels created from the synergy between their art and the creativity of these renowned Jewelers.